Antenna Alignment Tools

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Why use antenna alignment tools ? When installing GSM/3G/4G or 5G base stations, the alignment of the antenna is an important part. While you are planning the alignment, the mounting of the antenna and finally its alignment is often complicated by various influences during the installation. For example, increased values are found in the acceptance measurement or some KPIs are not achieved because the antenna is not optimally installed. These are problems that can be avoided by measuring during installation. The antenna alignment tool is used during installation to ensure that the antenna is correctly aligned based on the planning. The world around your antennas is also constantly changing.
With RF Vision and with the right measuring devices ( Antenna Alignment Tools) you can capture these changes. Growing tree lines , new building constructions, etc. affect your coverage targets. Only with RF Vision and with the right measuring devices ( antenna alignment tools ) can you detect these obstacles and enable engineers to optimise the alignment of the antennas.