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FTTx is a broad term used to express any type of fiber installation, with the main goal to replace an existing copper/coax network. This replacement can be carried out entirely or partially.
FTTN = Fiber to the Node/Neighbourhood
FTTC = Fiber to the Curb
FTTB = Fiber to the Building
FTTH = Fiber to the Home


5G (5th generation of mobile network) promises a higher level of speed, more bandwidth, reliability, and an unmatched synchronization. This technology is paving the road for all kinds of innovations, and it will change the way we communicate forever.

Aerospace & Defence

Aviation and defence technology evolves quickly and rely heavily on electronic and telecommunication devices. As those systems become more and more complex, test equipment needs for this specific sector can change overnight.


The automotive sector is obliged to keep evolving its technological innovations, for the good. Gasoline vehicles now compete with hybrid and fully electric vehicles.
Other technologies like autonomous driving or driverless vehicles on the road bring even more complexity into those systems and will require automotive test systems and automotive test tools to measure performance.

Electrical & Industrial

Electrical & Industrial test equipment is used to maintain a wide range of electrical devices and distribution systems. Our testing devices can be used to perform tests on transformers, switches, circuit breakers, protective relays, rotating machinery, and associated cabling.

RF & Microwave

Wireless technology is used by everyone (to a certain extent), even if we are on the move. This type of technology is also incorporated in a massive range of industries such as aerospace and defence, electronic warfare, medicine, automotive, television, and radio broadcast. They mainly deploy Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave signals.
On-field engineers need test instrumentation to measure parametric data and ensure that components and entire systems are up to standard. Harmonic distortion, noise figure, and phase noise are just a few parameters.


Wireless Installations and the maintenance of those systems are essential to the telecommunications. As the industry continues to deploy next generation wireless, roll out 5G and other related infrastructure, testing demands will also increase.

General Telecom

It’s our personal mission to keep up with rapidly evolving technology and provide you with the latest electronic test equipment for all your projects.
We offer flexible financing solutions; Rent, Rent2Buy, Buy new or pre-loved test equipment.

Applications for flexible solutions

Testing and measuring is the key to success, for any industry. To make sure every company can meet their testing requirements , we created flexible financing solutions. We are able to provide customized offers, we can and support you in meeting your deadlines and KPI’s with our streamlined process.
RentalTec currently owns over 3000+ testing devices for Telecommunications (4/5G-FTTx-…), Aerospace & Defence, Automotive and many other industries.