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Check out new arrivals and bestselling test equipment – all in-stock and ready to ship within 48h! We partner with the leading manufacturers to carry the latest technology, so you’ll never have to worry about a thing.

Used Equipment

It’s our personal mission to keep up with rapidly evolving technology so we must renew our inventory regularly. But it’s also our mission to create an ecological workflow – that’s why we don’t let these devices go to waste.
Pre-owned rental devices are fully checked, and repaired if needed, by our highly qualified technical team.

Three reasons why you should buy refurbished equipment:
1. Save money – used devices can make you save up to 50%
2. Environmentally friendly – be part of a circular economy
3. 100% Safe – all devices are tested and calibrated before shipping

All units have the typical 12 month warranty (excluded batteries) and come with a certificate.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know:


In order to help you with all your “one stop shopping”, we can also provide brand new consumables such as: electrodes, cleaver blades, cleaning kits, launch fibers, patch cords and other tools which you might need to use your instruments.

Keysight - Premier RentalTec Partner

RentalTec has partnered with TRS-RenTelco, a worldwide leader in delivering Electronic Test Equipment solutions to the Aerospace & Defense, Semiconductor, and Telecom industries. Through this partnership, RentalTec now offers you access to one of the largest state-of-the-art equipment pools in the world.
Additionally, TRS-RenTelco maintains the status of Keysight “Premier Rental Partner”, and the benefits of this status have been extended to RentalTec customers throughout Europe.

This ‘Premier Partnership’ serves all kinds of industries throughout Europe: European Aerospace & Defence | Semiconductors | Telecoms R&D A.O. Markets

Take a look at our Partnership deals or get advised by one of our colleagues!

Tested and calibrated

Testing and measuring is the key to success, for any industry. To make sure every company can meet their testing requirements , we created flexible financing solutions. We are able to provide customized offers, we can and support you in meeting your deadlines and KPI’s with our streamlined process.
RentalTec currently owns over 3000+ testing devices for Telecommunications (4/5G-FTTx-…), Aerospace & Defence, Automotive and many other industries.