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Fluke DSX 5000

The Fluke DSX 5000 is the most widely used LAN cable tester and certifier on the market. Whether CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7 or even CAT8 (DSX8000) everything is possible. In the device, a measuring cable is the permanent link with exchangeable tips that can be easily exchanged on site with a number of mating cycles of over 1000 mating cycles. Channel link adapters are also included. The mainframe is the Versiv on which you can also attach fiber modules for SM or MM directly. Ask for the appropriate configuration on +44158228873 or The calibration is important. This device must be calibrated once a year. The calibration date is in every report that is generated from the Linkware software (can be downloaded free of charge from the Fluke homepage) – all RentalTec devices are currently calibrated. Certifiber and Optifiber are also available.

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Fluke DSX Fiber and OTDR Module

There are various fiber optic modules or fiber optic attachments for the Versiv Platform. Formerly these were called MFM (multimode) or SFM (single mode). Today these are the CertiFiber Quad OLTS modules and the OptiFiber Quad OTDR module. All modules are available and can be delivered immediately. Ask us at +44158228873 or

Windows operating system; Remote control and support via WiFi, GBE and 4G LTE