Ethernet IP Network Testers 10G 100G, 400G

For testing and troubleshooting

Ethernet IP Network Testers allow testing and troubleshooting of wired or active networks, copper, fiber and WiFi networks. These Ethernet IP Network Testers offer a view into the network performance to resolve connection problems and complete deployment projects.

Troubleshooting common issues or proving that the network is not the issue by emulating a client device and measuring how the end device experiences the network, are standards – like RFC 2544. Measure the performance of critical network elements – cabling, switches, routers, servers and server-based services and applications.

An Ethernet IP Network Tester can combine optical, transport and datacom modules and offer varying degrees of assistance for field testing. These devices measure throughput, frame loss, latency and jitter within both, data centers and sites across, wide and local networks.
Different data rates like 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G, 200G and 400G Ethernet as well as 1/2/4G FC, 8G FC, 10G FC, 16G FC, 32G FC and 128G FC are available.

RentalTec provides a variety of Ethernet IP Network Testers from VIAVI and EXFO for affordable rental rates to meet your needs.

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