Fiber Optic Inspection

Inspection & cleaning

Fiber Inspection and Cleaning kits are used to perform fiber cleaning procedures. Fiber should be cleaned whenever it comes into contact with a possible source of contamination, which include water, oil and dust. Fiber is constantly subjected to end-face contamination that disrupts the flow of light and causes network outages and downtime.

High connector loss, high reflectance and contaminated transceivers are all symptoms of contaminated fiber. Fiber optic inspection and cleaning is also performed when splicing, certifying and troubleshooting fiber cables to verify the success of the installation.

Optical Power Meters measure fiber optic signals passed through fiber cable and help in determining optical power loss. The first part of a Loss Test Set is the laser source. The Laser Source does emit exactly the wavelength of calibrated laser like 1310, 1550 or 1625nm, usually with 1mW.

A Fiber Optical Power Meter, which is the second part of a Loss Test Set, consists of a calibrated sensor, which measures amplifier circuit, and works as a display unit. The sensor is a semiconductor based on  Si, Ge or InGaAs technology and the display unit creates a visualization of the optical power and the wavelength of the signal. Optical power measurements are the basis for optical loss testing.

RentalTec offers Fiber Inspection Probes (FIPs) or Fiber Inspection Equipment at affordable rates from the top manufacturers like Fluke Networks, VIAVI and EXFO. All types of single connectors, angled (APC) or plain (PC), can be adapted. Also MPO with 12 or 24 Fibers can be inspected with specialized adapters. 

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