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RentalTec offers all Fluke test tools for rental. Whether in the network area with the Fluke DSX-5000 or Fluke DSX-8000. Or in the fiber optic area with the Fluke Optifiber Pro, or Fluke Certifiber. When it comes to electrical installations, there is the Fluke 6500 device tester, the Fluke 1664 FC installation tester, or the 1625 GEO earthing tester, all in stock and immediately available at RentalTec. Calibrated with all accessories. Power quality can be covered with the Fluke 435-II, Fluke 436 or Fluke 437. Power loggers such as the Fluke 1735 Power Logger or the Fluke 1736 Energy Logger are also available. The correct current clamps, flexible or fixed for high currents from 12 to 3000 amperes, are also important here. Call us: +44158228873

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Fluke Installation tester

The Fluke 1653 17th edition multifunction series tester verify the safety of electrical installations in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. They can ensure that fixed wiring is safe and correctly installed to meet the necessary requirements. The Fluke 6500 is a lightweight, simple device for faster and easier measurements according to VDE 0701-0702 on portable devices. One-button operation: each test function is started using a specific button. It complies with the new standards DIN EN 50678 (VDE 0701) and DIN EN 50699 (VDE 0702). The 1625GEO earth tester kit Fluke 1625-2 The Fluke 1625-2 earth tester can be used to easily measure earth loop resistances with current clamps. With this measuring method, two pliers are placed around the earth rod and connected to the measuring device. No grounding stakes are used. A known fixed voltage is induced via one of the clamps, and the current is measured with the second clamp. Then the measuring device automatically determines the resistance of the deep earth electrode.

Fluke Power Quality

The Fluke 434-II and 435-II Power Analyzers help you calculate the cost of wasted energy, prevent downtime, and troubleshoot power quality issues. Enhanced power quality recording capabilities - power quality data at a glance and in real time so you can make more informed maintenance decisions. Energy loss calculator - Determine the costs of energy losses that can be traced back to poor network quality. Highest safety specification - CAT III 1,000 V, CAT IV 600 V with the Fluke 435-II.G LTE