Jetting Blowing Machines

Jetting Blowing Machines for Mini and Microcables V0HD and V2

Jetting AB offers a range of fibre cable and micro duct blowing machines covering all dimensions of fibers/cables and ducts.
Jetting, Swedish based manufacturer of blowing machines has developed a series of fibre jetting machines in which reliability, easy handling and fast reconfiguration were important guiding principles  Jetting manufactures a series of jetting machines that combine robustness with low weight.

The range of machines start with purely electrical driven machines like the TriggAIR for Campus and connection of houses in the last mile FTTX area.
The V0HD is as well electrical driven which is for medium distances up to 1km and standard micro cables till  6,5mm  and micro ducts till 16 mm.
The V0HD can be provided with the logging computer (Jetlogger) which is necessary for the DTAG ZTV43 specification and is approved for this procedure.

The Jetting V2 is for long distances  over 1km, for ducts till 50mm and mini cables till 22mm.
It is purely driven by air and has for easy operation the special joystick controller.

RentalTec does provide this product in the logging ready version for using the Jetlogger with all necessary adapters and seals. 
RentalTec does provide fiber blowing trainings and helping our customers to get the right configuration for your blowing machine.

RentalTec blowing machines are ready to deliver from our stock.
Please contact us over: to get the right configuration.

The jetting machines are constructed to work without problems out in the field – exactly where and when you want everything to go as smoothly as possible!

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