Optical Spectrum Analyser (OSA)


Optical spectrum analyzers (OSA) measure the optical power of a light source over a specific wavelength. An optical spectrum analyzer is ideal for performing highly accurate spectral measurements of lasers, LEDs, and optical systems like fiber communication networks, and for testing the optical power of distinct wavelength channels to determine signal-to-noise ratios. For 100G and 400G testing the signal to noise measurements are fundamental to check the ability of the fiber to perform the speed and so bandwith. OSAs are divided into three basic categories: 1) Fabry-Perot interferometer-based, 2) Michelson interferometer-based, and 3) diffraction-grating-based architectures. Optical spectrum analyzers with a Fabry-Perot architecture possess a narrow, fixed resolution over a frequency range of 100 MHz and 10 GHz, allowing for laser chirp measurements. A Michelson OSA is designed to take coherence-length measurements, displaying a spectrum based on the Fourier transform of interference patterns. The diffraction-grating method is specifically for laser and LED light sources. RentalTec offers affordable optical spectrum analyzer rental rates for products from leading manufacturers like EXFO FTBx-5235 or -5245 and VIAVI OSA-110 or -500 families.

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