OSA rental

OSA rental

Rent OSAs from RentalTec: An optical spectrum analyzer (or OSA) is a precision instrument designed to measure and display the power distribution of an optical source over a specific wavelength range. An OSA curve shows power on the vertical scale and wavelength on the horizontal scale. RentalTec offers all types and manufacturers such as VIAVI, EXFO, Keysight and Anritsu. Starting with the simple DWDM Channel Checker like the EXFO FOT 5200, the optical spectrum analyzers for spectral measurements in CWDM-, DWDM- and ROADM-based systems, which determines the actual OSNR on the basis of the OSNR in-band measurement, up to HIGH-END, high-speed OSAs like the VIAVI OSA -500R or the EXFO FTB5235 or EXFO 5245. All devices with the appropriate connector such as FC / PC or FC / APC are available immediately at RentalTec. Call us at: tel: +44158228873 or for the right configuration.

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The EXFO FTBx-5235 is a powerful optical spectrum analyzer for CWDM, DWDM and DWDM via CWDM and offers the possibility to test CFPs and the new QSFP28 transceivers, which are less robust than SFPs, e.g. OSNR tests according to IEC 61280-2-9 (Interpolation method). The EXFO FTB -5245 offers a better dynamic range and resolution to measure a reasonable ONSR even in complex modulations such as the QPSK.


Solutions for CWDM / DWDM and ROADM test systems up to 100 Gbit / s. VIAVI offers a complete OSA range for spectral measurements in CWDM systems, of access networks as well as in DWDM systems of fast backbone networks. With data rates up to 40 Gbit / s or 100 Gbit / s. This includes an OSA for testing ROADM-based systems, which uses VIAVI's unique in-band OSNR measurement to determine the actual optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR). All models available at RentalTec. Call us: +44158228873