OTDR Measuring Device

RentalTec offers OTDR = Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (optical time domain reflectometer) of all brands, such as EXFO, VIAVI and Yokogawa.
In addition to determining the length (the propagation time of a light pulse is actually measured), an OTDR measuring device provides the spatially resolved attenuation profile of a fiber optic link (singlemode or multimode fiber).
The measuring principle is based on sending short laser pulses that run through the distance of the fiber.
As it travels through the fiber, a small portion of the light is scattered back to the device from each location due to Rayleigh scattering.
From more distant locations, the scatter comes back to the measuring device later and weakened by the fiber attenuation.
The display of the measuring device shows the course of intensity over a time axis, with the time axis being converted into distance.
The entire route or topology can be visualized and interpreted on the basis of reflections (visible as peaks – connectors) and attenuations (visible as small steps – splices).

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