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80MHz-1GHz 100W RF Amplifier

E5052B 7GHz Signal Source Analyzer

E8257D-520 20GHz PSG Microwave Analog Signal Generator

High-ohmic Active Probe for use with the Line Scope

Keysight E5071C - option 4k5 & 008 & 017 & W7X & TDR & 790

Keysight N1912A P-Series Dual Channel Power Meter

Keysight N4691D ecal with options F0F and A6J

Keysight N4961B - option 00F & M0F

Keysight N5173B - option 520 & 1E1 & 1EA

Keysight N5242B PNA-X network analyzer with option 224

Open/Short/Load 4.3-10(m) 6GHz

RadMan 2LT Personal Radiation Monitor

SMB100A-B140 Microwave Signal Generator 100kHz - 40GHz

SRM-3006, Selective Radiation Meter, Set 4

TDP3500 3,5 GHz Differential Probe