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Wireless technology is used by everyone (to a certain extent), even if we are on the move. This type of technology is also incorporated in a massive range of industries such as aerospace and defence, electronic warfare, medicine, automotive, television, and radio broadcast. They mainly deploy Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave signals.
On-field engineers need test instrumentation to measure parametric data and ensure that components and entire systems are up to standard. Harmonic distortion, noise figure, and phase noise are just a few parameters.

Network analyzers and signal analyzers are part of our wide range of RF and microwave test equipment pool for qualifying critical RF and Microwave components/systems.

To provide our customers with a wide variety of test equipment, we partnered with
TRS-RenTelco. Through this extensive partnership we can offer you access to one of the largest state-of-the-art equipment pools in the world.
Additionally, TRS-RenTelco maintains the status of Keysight “Premier Rental Partner”, and the benefits of this status have been extended to RentalTec customers throughout Europe.

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