1103 TekProbe Power Supply

Products: 1103 TekProbe Power Supply


The Tektronic 1103 TekProbe Power Supply is an accessory power supply that provides external power to TEKPROBE BNC Interface probes. The 1103 allows customers to use probes requiring TEKPROBE interface power with any oscilloscope or digitizer that does not provide TEKPROBE BNC power.The Tektronic 1103 TekProbe Power Supply offers two independently controlled channels consisting of a TEKPROBE BNC interface input, a voltage offset control (providing variable offset or no offset) and BNC signal output.The offset control supplies a voltage, adjustable via the front panel control. This offset control is available for TEKPROBE BNC probes with this capability. These include:
P6235, P6245, P6246, P6247, P6248, P6249 and P6330.


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