1132A 5 GHz Probe


The Keysight 1132A 5 GHz is a differential probe amplifier used for high-speed differential or single-ended probing in embedded designs, is a perfect complement to the Infiniium 80000 or 90000 Series oscilloscopes with 4 GHz bandwidth.
Features like extremely low input capacitance, flat frequency response and the patented resistor probe tip technology provide ultra-low loading of the DUT and superior signal fidelity. Supporting a wide range of real-world applications, the Keysight 1132A has an extensive line up of probe heads and accessories that can meet the most demanding mechanical access requirements. The probe head topology of the Keysight 1132A allows higher performance and more flexibility.
Keysight 1132A – Features and Specifications:
5 GHz
DC Offset Range:
plus/- 12V
Maximum Voltage:
plus/- 30V
Dynamic Range:
plus/- 2.5V
Single Ended Input R:
25 kOhm
Single Ended Input C:
0.44-0.67 pF
Differential Input R:
50 kOhm
Differential Input C:
0.27-0.34 pF
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