120S1G4 120 Watt CW, 10 kHz – 100 MHz Amplifier, Type N (f)

Products: 120S1G4 120 Watt CW, 10 kHz – 100 MHz Amplifier, Type N (f)


The AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation 120S1G4 is a 120W microwave amplifier that is portable, self-contained, air-cooled and designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain and linearity are necessary. The 120S1G4 uses push-pull circuitry in all high-power stages to lower distortion and improve stability.
Equipped with a Digital Control Panel (DCP) which provides both local and remote control of the amplifier, the 120S1G4’s DCP uses the features like digital display, menu assigned softkeys, a single rotary knob, and four dedicated switches (POWER, STANDBY, OPERATE and FAULT/RESET) to offer a broad control and status reporting competency.
The 120S1G4’s exceptional features include a gain control, internal automatic level control (ALC) with front panel control of the ALC threshold, and RF output level protection. The low level of spurious signals and linearity of the 120S1G4 make it ideal for use as a driver amplifier in testing wireless and communication components and subsystems. It is also suitable for EMC Test applications where undistorted modulation envelopes are desired.
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation 120S1G4 – Features and Specifications:
Frequency Range:
0.8 to 4.2 GHz
Designed for benchtop use as well as rack mounting
120 watt – rated power
RF amplifier stages are protected from over-temperature
Front panel gain control to conveniently set the desired output level
Digital display on the front panel to indicate the operate status and fault conditions
Bus interface connector is located on the back panel
The AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation 120S1G4 is available for rent at Rentaltec


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