1251RP 1250VA Single Phase AC Power Source

Products: 1251RP 1250VA Single Phase AC Power Source


The RP Series consists of four models, 801RP, 1251RP, 2001RP and 2003RP. These units are ideal sources for general purpose AC power applications that require variable voltage and frequency at power levels up to 2000 VA. The 2003RP provides three phase output, all other models provide single phase output. With simple knobs used to set voltage, frequency and current limit, the RP Series provides an inexpensive source of AC power in a small and lightweight package. All RP Series power source models can be used in table-top mode or rack-mounted. Controller Capabilities The RP Series uses a precision digital sinewave generator to produce a low distortion output . Dual LCD readouts clearly display programmed settings for voltage, current limit and frequency. Load current is measured using true RMS sensing and can be displayed on the front panel as well. Adjusting voltage, frequency and current limit is accomplished using a set of digitally encoded rotary knobs. For ATE applications, both IEEE-488 and RS232C interfaces are available as an option. Exclusive Features – Single (801RP, 1251RP and 2001RP) or Three phase output (2003RP) – Low Cost – Rack Mount – Easy to Use – Programmable – Dual voltage ranges – 16 Hz to 500 Hz (801RP and 1251RP) or 16 Hz to 5000 Hz (2001RP and 2003RP) – Standard Current measurement – Optional measurements for Peak Current, Voltage, Real Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor and Crest Factor (Models 2001RP and 2003RP with option -OP1 only) – Simple Front Panel and Rear panel Connections. (Front panel connections optional on 2001RP.) – Optional IEEE-488 and RS232C interfaces – CE Mark


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