16822A 68-Channel Portable Logic Analyzer

Products: 16822A 68-Channel Portable Logic Analyzer


The Keysight, 16822A, is a 68 channel portable logic analyzer. The cutting edge 16822A analyzer comes with a large 15-inch color display with touchscreen capabilities and combines multiple test functionalities including logic analysis, pattern generation, software, and probing into one package. Here are the specifications of the Keysight 16822A Logic Analyzer:
15-inch (38.1 cm) color display with touch screen available
68-channel portable logic analyzer with up to 32 M acquisition memory depth
Comprehensive single-ended signal support, threshold is adjustable in -5 V to 5 V (10 mV increments)
48-channel pattern generator with up to 300 MVector/s speed and 16 M vector depth Timing Analysis (Asynchronous Sampling)
4 GHz (250 ps) timing zoom with 64 K memory
1.0 GHz / 500 MHz (half / full-channel) conventional timing with deep memory
500 MHz transitional timing State Analysis (Synchronous Sampling)
State clock rates up to 450 MHz
Data rates:
up to 500 Mb/s
Automated threshold/sample position setup for accurate measurements on high-speed buses
Simultaneous eye diagrams on all channels identify problem signals quickly Configuration Considerations
Selectable memory depths:
1 M, 4 M, 16 M, 32 M
Compatible with 40-pin logic analyzer probes
Pattern Generator clock and data pods are ordered separately
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