2003RP 2000VA (675VA per phase) Three-Phase AC Power Source

Products: 2003RP 2000VA (675VA per phase) Three-Phase AC Power Source


Use the California Instruments 2003RP three phase, AC power sources for general purpose AC power applications requiring variable voltage and frequency at power levels up to 2000 VA. The wide frequency range of 16 Hz to 5000 Hz, universal input and convenient source of variable utility power, makes the 2003RP ideal for testing domestic, commercial, defense and avionics equipment and applications.
Dual LCD readouts on the California Instruments 2003RP display programmed settings for voltage, current limit and frequency. Dual voltage ranges provide maximum output current at any programmed voltage up to 270V. Easy-to-use controls on the 2003RP include front panel digital rotary encoders that have an analog feel, with the precision and reliability of digital circuits, to set voltage and frequency.
Available transient functions on the California Instruments 2003RP are voltage step, voltage drop, voltage sweep, voltage surge/sag, frequency step, frequency sweep, and frequency surge/sag. A programmable current limit function provides overload protection of the unit under test.
California Instruments 2003RP – Features and Specifications:

Cost effective solution for three phase AC power requirements
Ideal for commercial, military and avionics applications with its 16 Hz to 5000 Hz frequency range
Compact size for convenient usage
AC power: 675VA (max per phase)
Peak current low/high: 15A/7.5A
Voltage low/high: 0-135V/0-270V
Power factor: 0.7
High peak current capability for wide variety of non-linear loads
Optional measurements include TRMS Volt, TRMS current, peak current, crest factor, real power and power factor
Low 5.25 inch height saves valuable rack space when stacked
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