2253IX 2250VA Three-Phase AC Power Source

Products: 2253IX 2250VA Three-Phase AC Power Source


Perform complex AC and DC power testing, compliance testing, and extensive product evaluation with the California Instruments 2253IX Power Source. With a precise load regulation and frequency control, California Instruments 2253IX is a 2250 VA AC/DC power source.
The 2253IX is used for testing aerospace and avionics applications, with output frequency reaching up to 1000Hz at 150 VRMS. Integrated with an AC/DC source and a power analyzer, the 2253IX gives a harmonic analysis of current and voltage.
California Instruments 2253IX – Features and Specifications:

AC Power of 750VA per phase
Distortion is 1% THD
AC Voltage ranging from 0 to 300 VMS (high) and 0 to 150 VMS (low)
DC voltage ranging from 0 to 400V (high) and 0 to 200V (low)
Maximum current of 3.25 Arms per phase (high) and 6.5 Arms per phase (low)
Peak current of 10A (high) and 20A (low)
Power factor 0.98
DC power 500W per output

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