34980A Multifunction Switch / Measure Unit

Products: 34980A Multifunction Switch / Measure Unit
34980A Multifunction Switch


HIGH-PERFORMANCE MULTIFUNCTION SWITCH / MEASURE UNITS ON A COST SAVING, FLEXIBLE PLATFORM. The Keysight 34980A multifunction switch / measure mainframe and modules provide functionality that is easy to set up and use. It helps you lower your cost of test and accelerate your test system integration and development.

– accommodates up to eight plug-in modules – built-in DMM with 6½ digits (22 bits) of resolution – integrates into test and data acquisition systems with standard connectors and software drivers – standard LAN, USB, and GPIB connectivity to PC, LXI compliant – scan rates of up to 1000 channels/second – controls external devices such as microwave switches, attenuators, solenoids, and power relays – up to 560 2-wire mux or 4096 matrix cross-points in one mainframe


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