5001IX-II 5000VA Single-Phase AC & 3500 W DC Power Source

Products: 5001IX-II 5000VA Single-Phase AC & 3500 W DC Power Source


The California Instruments 5001iX-II is part of this iX series, and can be used as a 5000VA Single-Phase AC and a 3500 W DC Power Source.
The iX Series is a full featured source offering transient generation, arbitrary waveform generation, standard measurements, harmonic analysis, waveform acquisition and programmable impedance. Single phase, 5000 VA AC and 3500 W DC power. Input 208 Vac L-L, 3 Phase , 47-63 Hz. Output voltage ranges: 0-135 V,150 V,270 V, 300V.
Here’s the list of specifications of the 5001iX-II power source:

Operating Modes: AC DC
AC Mode Output: Frequency Range: 16 – 500/819 Hz, Resolution: 0.01 Hz 81.91 Hz 0.1 Hz > 82.0 Hz
Power: Maximum AC power per phase at full scale voltage: 5000 VA
Load Power Factor: 0 to unity at full output VA
Load Regulation: 0.5% DC to 100 Hz, 0.6 % 100 Hz to 500 Hz in high voltage range, 2.2 % 100 Hz to 500 Hz in low voltage range
Line Regulation: 0.1% for 10 % line change
Output Noise: 250 mVrms typ., 500 mVrms max. (20 kHz to 1 MHz)
Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1% from 16 – 66 Hz, Less than 2% at 400 Hz (into linear load)
DC Offset: 20 mV
External Amplitude: Depth: 0 – 10 %, Frequency: DC – 2 KHz
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