54006A 6 GHz Passive Divider Probe Kit

Products: 54006A 6 GHz Passive Divider Probe Kit


The low 0.25 pF input capacitance and sophisticated ground design of the Keysight 54006A probe lets users probe multi-GHz systems with minimal loading of the circuit. The small size of this probe also allows users to access very small components. The kit includes:
(1) resistor 950 Ohm; (1) resistor 450 Ohm; (1) DC blocking capacitor, 45 MHz to 26.5 GHz (m-f) APC 3.5mm; (1) adapter SMA (f) to BNC (m); (1) probe body assy 450 Ohm; (1) probe body assy 950 Ohm;(1) 450 Ohm parts kit; (1) 950 Ohm parts kit; (1) high frequency probe, (1) coaxial cable assembly.


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