54825A 4 Ch 500 MHz Digital Oscilloscope

Products: 54825A 4 Ch 500 MHz Digital Oscilloscope


Infiniium 54800-Series oscilloscopes are designed with a simple, analog-like front panel, the graphical user interface of a PC, and powerful connectivity capabilities to make high-performance features accessible and uncomplicated. Dedicated scale and position knobs for each channel provide intuitive operation. Trigger LEDs show trigger status at a glance. Infiniium scopes employ a graphical user interface based on Microsoft Windows(R). The familiar Windows interface minimizes time spent learning and relearning the scope. Pull-down menus give easy access to advanced features. Dialog boxes display all the choices needed for measurement setups. In addition, waveforms, markers, and measurements can be easily positioned on the display by using the mouse to drag and drop.


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