6000LS-3-EHV 6000VA Single / 3-Phase AC Power Source

Products: 6000LS-3-EHV 6000VA Single / 3-Phase AC Power Source


The Ls Series is an improved version of the classic California Instruments L Series AC power sources. It provides many basic AC source capabilities at an economical cost. Additional capabilities such as arbitrary waveform generation and harmonic measurements can be added as options. Three phase configuration. 6 kVA power level in a single chassis. Multiple chassis can be combined for power levels up to 18 kVA. The Ls Series is completely microprocessor controlled and can be operated from a simple front panel keypad. A pair of analog controls located next to the backlit alphanumeric LCD display allows output voltage and frequency to be slewed up or down dynamically. For more advanced operations, a series of menus is provided using a dual line high contrast LCD display. L Series Backward Compatibility The Ls Series offers functional and bus compatibility with the CI L Series AC power sources. Using the APE (Abbreviated Plain English) command syntax, the Ls Series can be used in existing test systems without the need to modify program code. The APE language is part of the -GPIB option, which also adds the GPIB/ IEEE-488 interface. Transient Programming To simulate common line disturbance occurrences, the Ls Series offers a list of transient steps. These steps can be programmed from the front panel or downloaded over the interface using the GUI program supplied. The GUI allows libraries of commonly used line disturbances to be created on disk for quick recall. Once downloaded, the transient program can be executed from the PC or from the front panel. AC transient generation allows the effect of rapid changes in voltage, frequency, and phase angle and waveform shape on the unit under test to be analyzed. The following standard measurements are available from the front panel or via the bus:
Voltage (rms)
Peak Current
Crest Factor
Real Power
Apparent Power
Power Factor


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