81134A 3.35 GHz, 2-Channel Pulse / Pattern Generator, SMA (f)

Products: 81134A 3.35 GHz, 2-Channel Pulse / Pattern Generator, SMA (f)


Perform precise and in-depth characterization of devices with high performance and rapid timing with the Keysight 81134A Pulse Pattern Generator. The 81134A is distinguished by fast rise times and low intrinsic jitter.
With its 8kB pattern memory and hardware PRBS generation complying with the most commonly used standards, the 81134A is an ideal data and pattern source, particularly for eye diagram measurements. The 81134A also finds use in high-speed serial bus applications, such as PCI Express, Infiniband, and Serial ATA.
Keysight 81134A Features and Specifications:
Two channels – Frequency range from 15MHz to 3.35GHz
Programmable pulse periods from 66.6 ns to 298.5 ps
Low jitter (< 2 ps RMS), high accuracy
LVDS applications can be addressed with output levels from 50 mV to 2.00 V
PRBS from 25 -1 to 231 -1
Fast rise times (20 to 80 percent) < 50 ps
Delay modulation (jitter emulation)
Variable crossover point (eye deformation)
8 Kbit data pattern memory, RZ, NRZ, R1, burst capability
Graphical user interface (GUI)
All inputs and outputs are SMA connectors


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