89601B-BHF Custom OFDM Modulation Analysis

Products: 89601B-BHF Custom OFDM Modulation Analysis


The 89600B vector signal analysis software is your window into what-s happening inside complex wireless devices. Option BHF helps engineers configure the 89600B-s reliable OFDM measurement tools to test their custom OFDM signals.See through the complexity of multichannel OFDM systems with a highly customizable parameter setup to handle a wide range of signals
A rich selection of measurements for both SISO and MIMO systems with channel, stream and cross-channel measurements
OFDM measurements you care about:
More in-depth custom OFDM measurements including EVM, carrier feed through, I-Q match, burst parameters
Flexible measurement displays to characterize signals and troubleshoot errors; utilize a compound constellation display, symbol table with demodulated raw bits, as well as channel frequency and impulse responses


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