AC6803B 2000 VA, 310 V, 10 A Basic AC Power Source,

Products: AC6803B 2000 VA, 310 V, 10 A Basic AC Power Source,


Increase your uptime with the Keysight (formerly Agilent) AC6803B Basic AC Power Source. With the AC6803B, you can confidently test your designs in real-world scenarios, including fluctuating AC power grid voltage, transient spikes, and extreme inrush current.
Featuring a highly intuitive user interface, flexible I/O, and built-in remote sensing, the Keysight AC6803B power source makes testing reliable, convenient, and easy. This power source is the perfect solution for many types of testing challenges, such as simulating global AC power conditions, testing varying frequency and voltage combinations, testing power factor correction, and more.
Keysight AC6803B Features and Specifications:

Single phase
RMS power: 2000VA
RMS voltage: 310V
Peak current: 30A
Output frequency: 500Hz
Power factor: 0.9 (typical)
DC power: 1,600W
DC voltage: 380V
Ripple noise: 0.7Vrms/1.4Vrms (typical)
Output voltage response time: 150 us (typical)
Line regulation: 0.15 percent of full scale
The Keysight (formerly Agilent) AC6803B Basic AC Power Source is available for rent or Rent 2 Buy at Rentaltec with 24/7 support. To learn more or get a quote, call us at +32 25323232.


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