AWG70002B 2 ch Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Products: AWG70002B 2 ch Arbitrary Waveform Generator


Easily generate ideal, distorted, and real-life signals with Tektronix AWG70002B arbitrary waveform generator.
The AWG70002B can accurately simulate real-world environments by playing back captured signals and generate high precision RF and microwave signals for communications and defense electronics. This arbitrary waveform generator is fully operational without an external PC, and can be operated easily with its built-in display and buttons.
The Tektronix AWG70002B waveform generator is ideal for coherent optical research, validation and compliance testing of high-speed silicon and communications devices, as well as research in physics, electronics and chemistry.Number of channels:
13.5 GHz
Sample rate:
1.5 kS/s – 25 GS/s
10 bit (no markers selected), 9 bit (one marker selected), or 8 bit (two markers selected)
Waveform memory:
up to 2 GSamples per channel
With extended memory:
up to 16 GSamples per channelEffective frequency output:
10 GHz
Serial data bit rate:
6.25 Gb/sThe Tektronix AWG70002B 2 channel arbitrary waveform generator is available for rent at Rentaltec


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