AWG7051 1 ch Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Products: AWG7051 1 ch Arbitrary Waveform Generator


The AWG7051 Arbitrary Waveform Generator offers a combination of superior signal stimulus, sample rate, bandwidth and signal fidelity. It offers a solution to the challenging signal stimulus issues faced by designers verifying, characterizing and debugging sophisticated electronic designs. With sample rates from 5 GS/s (10-Bits), together with 1 output channel, the toughest measurement challenges in the disk drive, communications, digital consumer and semiconductor design/test industries. The open Windows (Windows XP) based instrument delivers ease of use and allows connectivity with peripherals and compatibility with third-party software. Customers can import WFM, PAT and SEQ files to the AWG7000 series from AWG400, 500, 600 and 700 series models. P note, this does not include the AWG2000 series files. Key Features:

* Sampling Rate:
5 GS/s
* Arbitrary Waveform Outputs:
* Accurate Timing with only 20 psp-p Total Jitter.45 ps Tr/Tf (20% to 80%).
* /-100 ps Range (1 ps Resolution) Inter Channel Skew Control.
* Marker Outputs:
2 per analog channel
* Accurate Timing with only 30 psp-p Total Jitter. 45 ps Tr/Tf (20% to 80%).
* Up to 300 ps Range (1 ps Resolution) Delay Control.
* Number of Waveforms:
1 to 16,000.
* Sequence Length:
1 to 4,000 steps.
* Sequence Repeat Counter:
1 to 65,536 or infinite.
* Vertical Resolution:
10-Bits (No Marker Output) or 8 Bits (when Markers enabled).
* 32M standard Record Length, 64M optional (option 1, keycode).
* Down to 100 fs Resolution Edge Timing Shift Control.
* Real-time Sequencing Creates Infinite Waveform Loops, Jumps, and Conditional Branches.
* Integrated PC Supports Network Integration and Provides a Built-in DVD, Removable Hard Drive, LAN, and USB Ports. Note:
Option /2 is NOT field upgradeable and must be ordered at the time of build.


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