AWG710 1 ch4 GS/s, 1-Channel, Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Products: AWG710 1 ch4 GS/s, 1-Channel, Arbitrary Waveform Generator


The AWG710 combines excellent signal fidelity with ultra high-speed mixed signal simulation, a powerful sequencing capability and graphical user interface with flexible waveform editor, to solve difficult measurement challenges in the disk drive, communications and semiconductor design/test industries. 4.0 GS/s sample rate simulates real-world signals up to 2.0 GHz. Two markers with 1.6 psRMS jitter deliver ultra-stable timing to the DUT. 8-bit vertical resolution for precise signal replication. 16 M point record length provides longer serial or rotational media data streams. The EZ Function Generator Mode allows quick creation and edit of sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse and DC waveforms. Real-time sequencing creates infinite waveform loops, jumps, patterns and conditional branches. Equipped with GPIB and LAN (10/100Base-T) interfaces.


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