AWG7122C Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Products: AWG7122C Arbitrary Waveform Generator


Arbitrary Waveform Generator 12.0 Gsample per second, 10 bit resolution, 2 channel Featuring:

* Samples rates ranging from 12GS/s to 24GS/s
* 9.6 GHz effective RF frequency output
* 7.5GHz analog bandwidth
* Up to 64 M samples record length
* Down to 100 fs resolution edge timing control
* Vertical resolution up to 10 bitsavailable:
10 bits (without marker output) or 8 bits (with two marker outputs)
* 35 ps rise/fall time (20% to 80%)
* 9.6 GHz effective RF frequency output
* Advanced jitter generation software tool
* Support for major serial data standards
* Complex jitter creation such as ISI, random, periodic, SSC impairments
* S-Parameter channel emulation
* Generation of complex digital communications, radar and WiMedia waveforms with RFXpressR software tools
* Automated pattern calibration with a Tektronix oscilloscope


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