DG2040 2 Channel Data Pattern Generator

Products: DG2040 2 Channel Data Pattern Generator


Data Rate to 1.1 Gb/s Tests High-speed Logic Devices and Circuits
Data Pattern Depth to 256 K/channel Speeds Characterization
Control of Edge Timing (DG2040) Permits Jitter Simulation in Serial Data Streams
Precise Control of Output Parameters Include:
Variable Output Delay, Variable Output Level, Variable Rise and Fall, Time Control (DG2030) Tri-state Output Control (DG2020A, DG2030) Fast Transition Times to 150 ps (DG2040) Aids Fast Logic Evaluation Complementary Output (DG2040) Assures Excellent Signal Fidelity Flexible Sequence Control with Jump, Event and Nested Loops Large Display for Easy-to-Use Data Editing Import Pattern Data with DG-link Software Utility Integrate into ATE Systems via GPIB/RS-232-C Interface


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