DPO7104C 4 Ch 1 GHz Digital Oscilloscope

Products: DPO7104C 4 Ch 1 GHz Digital Oscilloscope


Perform efficient troubleshooting and effective product testing and designing with the Tektronix DPO7104C digital oscilloscope.• Four-channel, 1GHz bandwidth
• 5GS/s (three to four channels), 10GS/s (two channels), 20GS/s (one channel)
• Maximum record length per channel:
40M (one channel), 20M (two channels), 10M (four channels)
• Sample rate:
20GS/s one channel)
• Record length:
125M (one channel)
• Up to 500 megapoint record length with MultiView Zoom
• >250,000 wfms/s maximum waveform capture rate with FastAcq
• MultiView Zoom feature for quick navigation. MyScope custom windows, right-mouse-click menus, 12.1-inch XGATouch screen display, low-speed serial protocol triggering, OpenChoice software with Microsoft Windows XP OS, TekVPI probe interface


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