DSA91204A 4 Ch 12 GHz Oscope

Products: DSA91204A 4 Ch 12 GHz Oscope


The Keysight, DSA91204A digital signal analyzer is a high performance oscilloscope. The DSA91204A is a powerful testing tool that provides innovative technology.
The list of the DSA91204A includes the following features:
12 GHz bandwidth
40 GSa/s on each of 4 analog channels
50 Mpts to 1 Gpts on each channel
Lowest noise floor:
3.01 mVrms at 100 mV/divIndustry’s only 3-level trigger sequencing featuring the InfiniiScan software trigger
More than 29 software applications for compliance, debugging and analysis including:
DDR 1/2/3, HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.
12.1 XGA touch screen displayIndustry’s lowest noise floor probing system
Highest signal fidelity InfiniiMax II probing system
Interchangeable probe heads
Industry’s only RoHS compliant solder-in probing solution


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