DSAV164A 4 Ch 16 GHz 80/40 GSa/s4Ch GHz Oscope

Products: DSAV164A 4 Ch 16 GHz 80/40 GSa/s4Ch GHz Oscope


Achieve faster clarity, reliable analysis, and superior measurements with the Keysight DSAV164A Infiniium V-Series oscilloscope.
Capture a longer signal trace with the oscilloscope’s sampling rate of up to 80GSa per second for two channels and 40Gsa per second for foru channels. Accurately test multiple high-speed serial lanes or a massive parallel bus with 2Gpts of acquisition memory.
Make more accurate jitter measurements and RJ/DJ separation with the DSAV164A’s low intrinsic jitter. Maximize eye height measurements and guarantee margins with extremely low noise floors.
Keysight DSAV164A Features and Specifications:

Analog bandwidth:
Number of channels:
Max sample rate:
80GSa per second (two channels), 40GSa per second (four channels)
Memory depth:
100Mpts/channel standard
Max memory depth:
ADC bits:
8 bits
Minimum rise/fall time:
27.5 ps (10 to 90 percent), 19.4 (20 to 80 percent)
Edge trigger:
> 20GHz
Low noise (1.32 mVrms at 50 mV/div) and jitter measurement floor (100 fs)
The Keysight DSAV164A Infiniium V-Series oscilloscope is available for rent at Rentaltec


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