DSAV334A 4 Ch 33 GHz Oscope

Products: DSAV334A 4 Ch 33 GHz Oscope


The Keysight Technologies DSAV334A is a high performance oscilloscopes that incorporates innovative technology designed to deliver superior measurements. Whether you are testing multiple high-speed serial lanes or a massive parallel bus, the Keysight DSAV334A armed with the new 12.5 Gb/s, industry’s longest 160-bit hardware serial trigger and world’s fastest 20 GSa/s digital channels, will provide timely validation and debug.33 GHz analog bandwidth
4 analog channels
Low noise and jitter measurement floor
80 GSa/s sample rate to capture a longer signal trace
2 Gpts of acquisition memory
High resolution 12.1 inch XGA capacitive touchscreen
PrecisionProbe for most precise correction to the probe tip
Quick data offload (up to 200 MB/s) via USB 3.0


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