DSOS104A 4 Ch 1 GHzOscilloscope – Infiniium S Series

Products: DSOS104A 4 Ch 1 GHzOscilloscope – Infiniium S Series


The Keysight DSOS104A offers superior measurements with exceptional signal integrity. Its advanced interface features a flexible Infiniium user interface with a capacitive touch screen and a powerful motherboard for faster processing to ensure that your testing requirements are quickly met. Its InfiniiScan technology helps rapidly trigger on complex events and scan through acquired waveform cycles.
Its user-friendly interface, featuring digital channel and protocol decode buttons, allows quick setup access.
Keysight DSOS104A Features and Specifications:
1 GHz bandwidth (upgradable)
Four analog channels
Fast data offload (up to 200 MB/s) via USB 3.0
10-bit ADC up to 8 GHz (for additional vertical resolution)
Powerful Intel i5 motherboard with 8 GB RAM
Up to eight waveform windows
The Keysight DSOS104A is available for rent and sale from


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