DSOX3024T 4 Ch 200 MHz Oscilloscope

Products: DSOX3024T 4 Ch 200 MHz Oscilloscope


The InfiniiVision 3000A X-Series redefined oscilloscopes.It saw the most signal detail, provided more functionality than any other oscilloscope, and gave you maximum investment protection.It was also the most successful oscilloscope in Hewlett Packard, Keysight and Keysight Technologies, Inc.’s history.The 3000T X-Series continues that legacy.
The 3000T X-Series takes everything that was revolutionary about the A model and adds a capacitive touch screen, a user interface designed for touch, and the exclusive zone touch trigger, all combined with an industry-leading uncompromised update rate of 1 million wfm/s to give you the confidence that you’re seeing all of your signal detail, and the ability to discover any issues.And the addition of new analysis capabilities help you solve Your hardest problems quickly.


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