E5080B-2K0 2-port, 9 kHz – 20 GHz ENA Network Analyzer (S-Parameter)

Products: E5080B-2K0 2-port, 9 kHz – 20 GHz ENA Network Analyzer (S-Parameter)


With the Keysight E5080B-2K0 ENA network analyzer, technicians can choose from a broad range of measurement applications for meeting RF tests and microwave measurement requirements. The E5080B-2K0 combines built-in pulse generators and modulators, spectrum analysis, and time-domain analysis to fully characterize modern devices quickly and without the need for additional test hardware.
The E5080B-2K0 is flexible and has various applications in production and general-component testing and design verification. Featuring software applications that include mixer measurements, noise figure, and spectrum analysis, the Keysight E5080B-2K0 ENA network analyzer delivers deep insights into testing requirements.
Keysight E5080B-2K0 Features and Specifications:
Two-port test set
Frequency range:
9kHz to 20GHz
Frequency resolution:
Frequency accuracy:
7 ppm
RF connector type:
3.5mm male
50 ohm (nominal)
Nominal power (preset power level):
0 dB
Dynamic range:
135 dB to 152 dB
Trace noise:
0.0005 dBrms
Measurement speed:
2 ms (201 points)
The Keysight E5080B-2K0, two-port, 20GHz ENA network analyzer (S-parameter) is available for rent


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