E8257D-567 100 kHz – 67 GHz PSG Analog Signal Generator, 1.85 mm (m)

Products: E8257D-567 100 kHz – 67 GHz PSG Analog Signal Generator, 1.85 mm (m)


The Keysight Technologies E8257D-567 PSG analog signal generator delivers industry-leading output power, level accuracy, and phase noise performance to 20 GHz. The E8257D-567 PSG’s high output power and superior level accuracy often eliminates the need of an external amplifier for testing high power devices.
The Keysight Technologies E8257D-567 PSG also minimizes test uncertainty by helping to identify errors early in the design process. This PSG Analog Signal Generator also has a world-class phase noise performance which is ideal for local oscillator, low jitter clock substitution and adjacent channel selectivity tests. When testing advanced RF and microwave radar, communications, and control systems, the PSG delivers the performance you demand.Take on your toughest test requirements with metrology-grade frequency and level accuracy, excellent distortion, and spurious characteristics
Measure across a wide frequency range:
67 GHz
Test high-power devices and overcome test system losses with options capable of generating up to 1 W (+30 dBm) of output power
Get extremely low phase noise:
–91 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz offset and –126 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset (10 GHz), to address Doppler radar, ADC and receiver-blocking tests
Characterize devices and circuits by adding AM, FM, PM & pulse modulation to your signal


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