E9327A 50 MHz – 18 GHz Pk and Avg Power Sensor (-32 to +20 dBm)

Products: E9327A 50 MHz – 18 GHz Pk and Avg Power Sensor (-32 to +20 dBm)


The Keysight E9327A peak and average power sensor is used with the EPM-P series power meters and E9288A-C sensor cables. This power sensor comes with two measurement paths:
one for measuring stable, low-level average power and the other for making peak, time-gated power measurements.
The Keysight E9327A comes with a wide dynamic range and boasts of a fast measurement speed, which make it ideal for handling E-CDMA and CDMA2000 applications. This sensor offers the options of selecting either a medium or a low bandwidth setting, where the selection is carried out using a meter.
The key specifications of the Keysight 9327A power sensor include:
Video Bandwidth:
5 MHz
Measurement Speed:
1000 corrected readings/sec.
Type N (m)
Frequency Range:
50 MHz to 18 GHz
Maximum Power:
23 dBm (average), 30 dBm (peak)


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