Fiber Installer Starter Tool Kit - Splicing & Cleaning

Fiber Installer Starter Tool Kit – Splicing & Cleaning


Fiber Installer Starter Tool Kit for Splicing & Cleaning. – Consisting of: 1x VFL-10M Visual Fault Locator (10mW) w. 1.25 & 2.5mm Adapter, 1x Tri-Hole Fiber Stripper, 1x Kevlar Scissors, 1x Jacket Stripper, 1x Cable Slit & Ring Tool, 1x Round Cable Slitter, 1x Needle-Nose Pliers, 1x Side Cutting Pliers, 1x Tweezers, 1x 8 Bit Screwdriver, 1x 1/2″ Nut Driver, 1x Fabric Tape Measure, 1x Ruler, 1x Utility Knife with Spare Cleave, 1x Black Work Mat, 1x Black Marker, 1x Safety Glasses, 1x Fiber Disposal Unit, 1x Piano Wire 3pcs/tube, 1x 250ml Alcohol Bottle, 1x One Click Cleaner 1.25mm, 1x One Click Cleaner 2.5mm, 1x Cassette Cleaner, 1x Kimwipes, 1x V-groove & Fusion Splice Mirror Cleaning Swab, 1x Shrink Tube Kit, 1x Fusion Splice Sleeves 60mm, 1x PVC Electrical Tape, 1x 1m Furcation Tube outer 3mm / inner 900µm, 1x Carrying Case (orange).


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