FiberChek Probe Microscope

Products: FiberChek Probe Microscope


“All-in-one” handheld solution for fiber inspection.

* Benefits:
Achieve fully autonomous inspection with an “all-in-one” solution
Automate the inspection workflow
Ensure accurate and fast test performance
Easily access connections in any location
Connect with anything and test anywhere!
Passive Optical Network (PON) build, turn-up and maintenance to ensure peak network and service performance

* Applications:
Inspecting fiber end faces – both patch cord and bulkhead
Guaranteeing endface condition with certification reports
Instantly capture, analyze, and grade fiber end face images and obtain a PASS/FAIL result according to pre-configured criteria setting
Submarine Cable Networks build, turn-up and maintenance to ensure peak fiber link and service performance

* Key Features
Integrated touch screen with live fiber viewing
Built-in fiber endface analysis
User-selectable acceptance profiles
Stores results on device or export
WiFi and USB connection capabilities


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