FieldMan Electromagnetic Field Meter Basic Set

FieldMan Electromagnetic Field Meter Basic Set


The Narda FieldMan (NBM Successor) is used to make precision measurements to establish human safety, particularly in workplace environments where high electric or magnetic field strengths are likely to occur. An essential task is to demonstrate compliance with general safety regulations, such as FCC, IEEE, ICNIRP or EMF Directive 2013/35/EU. Examples of measurement environments are:

› Radiocommunication base stations (e.g. IEC / EN 62232)
› Broadcasting systems (e.g. IEC 62577)
› Radar and satellite communications systems
› Induction heating and melting (e.g. EN 50519)
› Household appliances (e.g. IEC / EN 62233)
› Electric welding equipment (e.g. IEC / EN 62822)
› Railway environment (e.g. EN 50500)
› Automotive environment (e.g. IEC 62764)
› Energy supply systems (e.g. IEC / EN 62110)
› Medical electrical equipment (e.g. IEC / EN 60601)
› TEM cells and absorber chambers to demonstrate electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


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