FSV3004 Signal & Spectrum Analyser 10Hz-4GHz

FSV3004 Signal & Spectrum Analyser 10Hz-4GHz


The R&S FSV3000 signal and spectrum analyzer makes measurements at the push of a button, uses event based actions to capture events and has a SCPI recorder to make script programming simple – all helping to set up complex measurements in no time. Fast measurement speeds for high throughput in production applications are another major advantage.

  • Frequency range from 10 Hz to 4, 7.5, 13.6, 30, 44, 50 GHz
  • Analysis bandwidth up to 200 MHz
  • SSB phase noise at 10 kHz offset (1 GHz): –114 dBc/Hz
  • GUI with multi-touch, SCPI recorder and event based actions
  • Options for analog and digital signal analysis, including 5G NR


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