ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager

ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager


Fluke ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager – How fast will you find your first leak?
Right out of the box, the Fluke ii900 is ready to use. It’s rugged and ergonomic design make it easy to handle and the large 7” LCD display make leaks easy to see.
Within minutes, a user with little-to-no experience can start detecting leaks.

When the Fluke engineers were considering the users of the ii900, they wanted to make sure all the necessary components were built-in and easy to access.
In addition, the Fluke engineers knew shutting down the plant or putting technicians in harm’s way was out of the question – that’s why they made sure the Fluke ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager could be used in noisy environments and from a safe distance.


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