M1970V 75 GHzWaveguide Harmonic Mixers (smart mixer)

Products: M1970V 75 GHzWaveguide Harmonic Mixers (smart mixer)


The Keysight M1970V is a Waveguide Harmonic Mixer that offers a frequency range of 75 GHz. The M1970V is used for a variety of high frequency applications. The Keysight, M1970V comes with the following features and specifications.
Keysight M1970V – Key Features & Specifications

Embedded smart featuresAutomatic amplitude correction and transfer of conversion loss data through USB plug and play features
Automatic LO amplitude adjustment to compensate the cables loss (up to 3 m or 10 dB loss)
Automatic detect mixer model/serial number when used with N9030A PXA, N9020A MXA, and N9010A EXA signal analyzers o
Automatic setting of the default frequency range and LO harmonic numbers o
Automatic LO alignment at start up o
Automatic run calibration when time and temperature changes
Improved DANL and TOIExcellent conversion loss of 23 dB maximum and excellent amplitude accuracy


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