M8046A-32G 32 Gbaud Analyzer, one Channel , NRZ

Products: M8046A-32G 32 Gbaud Analyzer, one Channel , NRZ


The Keysight M8046A-32G is one of the most sought after test equipment for compliance testing and physical layer characterization. With exemplary error analysis and unwavering consistency, the Keysight M8046A-32G offers the following cutting edge features.• Data rates from 2 to 32 and 64 Gbaud
• PAM4, PAM3 and NRZ selectable from user interface
• Built-in 5 tap transmitter FFE with multiple presets to compensate loss
• Integrated and calibrated jitter injection: RJ, LF and HF PJ (multi-tone, sinusoidal), BUJ, clk/2 jitter, sRJ, rSSC, and SSC (spread spectrum clocking)
• Forward Error Correction (FEC) encoding and error insertion for testing DUTs with FEC decoder
• Two pattern generator channels per module to emulate aggressor lane
• Linearity tests with adjustable PAM4 and PAM3 levels
• Integrated clock recovery and control of external clock recovery units N1076A/B, N1077A, N1078A
• Reference clock multiplier support with SSC extended to 64 Gbaud


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