M8061A Multiplexer 2: 1 with De-emphasis 28 Gb/s

Products: M8061A Multiplexer 2: 1 with De-emphasis 28 Gb/s


Characterize serial interfaces up to 32.0Gb/s with the Keysight M8061A 2:
1 multiplexer. It comes with optional de-emphasis to extend the rate of J-BERT M8020A and J-BERT N4903B pattern generator.
The M8061A can be used for typical applications requiring testing, such as optical transceivers, SERDES and chip-to-chip interfaces, backplanes, cables, and repeaters.
Keysight M8061A Features and Specifications:
Extend data rate of J-BERT M8020A up to 32Gb/s
Extend data rate of J-BERT N4903B pattern generator up to 28.4Gb/s
Adjustable positive and negative de-emphasis for up to 8 taps, optional
Internal superposition of interference for common-mode and differential mode
Transparent to jitter generated by J-BERT M8020A and N4903B
Clock/2 jitter can be added
Electrical idle
Control from J-BERT M8020A and N4903B user interface via USB
The Keysight M8061A 2:
1 multiplexer is available for rent at Rentaltec


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